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Pop Coulture by Hillary White / wytrab8

Hillary’s brand new exhibit “Pop Coulture” will be showing at Nosh Kitchen Bar in Portland, Maine through the month of February and focuses on Hillary’s uncanny Victorian-style portraiture of infamous geek icons, presented as the true Internet-era nobility they were always meant to be.

Artist: RedBubble / Tumblr / Society6


The Legend of Zelda Portraits by Dudu Torres

You know what my favorite thing is about the Zelda series? TRICK QUESTION, I like everything about it. Count hyper-realistic artistic portraits as one more. And this is just the beginning: Dudu plans on doing a portrait for all of the Sages from Ocarina, beginning with Darunia above. Check out the work in progress shots below (zelda treasure noise~!):

Artist: blog / facebook


Bloody Good Celebrity Portraits by Vlad Rodriguez

Vlad’s realistic celebrity paintings are far from perfect: they’re scratched, bruised, and broken, much like the real world counterparts they imitate. Hey, I dont want to die without any scars.

Artist: behance / tumblr / twitter / website

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